Privacy Policy

Services range and characteristics

  • Himsagor courier service executes domestic and national courier services. Courier services are non-universal postal services, defined in the Postal Services Law.
  • Himsagor courier service delivers services, to users from all settlements on the region of Bangladesh.
  • Orders are taken from Saturday to Friday, and Himsagor courier service is executed its parcels and stuffs to be delivered in the same business day.

Types of shipments:

  • Letter: Written message on any media, inserted in an Himsagor courier service card envelope.
  • Document: Written messages or printed materials (which do not fit in an Himsagor courier service card envelope).
  • Non-document: Shipments with defined dimensions and weight, usually containing items.
  • Non-document shipments may be cash-on-delivery or not, depending on the sender.
  • There are limits of the number of packages in a multi-package shipment, its maximum 10.

Size and weight limits:

  • The maximum weight of a single package for domestic shipment: 1-2 kg.
  • The maximum length of a single package: 15 inches
  • The maximum width and girth: 12 inches
  • Price is determined based on the general actual weight or the general dimensional weight of all packages in the shipment, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is determined using the following formula: Himsagor courier service reserves the right to weight and calculate over again every package, to confirm calculations.


  • Loss, damage, or expense attributed to willful misconduct of the assured
  • Ordinary leakages, ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear of insured goods
  • Ordinary leakages, ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear of insured goods
  • Loss, damage, or expense caused by delay, even though the delay caused by a risk insured against
  • Loss, damage, or expense caused by delay, even though the delay caused by a risk insured against
  • Loss, damage, or expense caused by:
    • War, civil war, revolution, rebellion. Insurrection or civil strike arising there from any hostile act by or against a belligerent power
    • Capture, seizure, arrest restraint or detainment and the consequences thereof or any attempt thereat
    • Derelict mines bombs or other derelict weapons of war.
  • In no case shall the insurance cover loss, damage, or expense:
    • Caused by strikers, locked out workmen or persons taking part in labor disturbances, riots or civil commotion
    • Resulting from strikes, lockouts, labor disturbances, riots, or civil commotions
    • Caused by any terrorist or any person acting from political damage.


  • In case of any damage, Claims shall be made through Himsagor courier service, stating the full details of the claim.
  • The claim has to be verified by E-Courier first, prior to be sent to SKICL for settlement.
  • There is no revenue sharing applicable for this project. Customer will pay premium for each and every package, which shall be paid to the insurance company for issue coverage and undertake the risk. Carnival Assure will work as an intermediary between the insurance company and Himsagor courier to assist in issuing of policies in due time.

    Himsagor courier service must provide the following information to the insurance company:

    During booking by individual Customer:
    • Type of Goods
    • Value of Goods
    • Pick Up Point
    • Delivery Address
    Once the package is received by Himsagor courier service, additional information must be provided to insurer:
    • Pick Up Point Time and Location
    • Time and Location of intermediary storage prior to initiating delivery
    • Copy of bill of booking with third party logistic company or such details
    • Time and location of intermediary storage prior to completing delivery
    • Time of Pickup for delivery to destination
    • Time of delivery at destination

The premium will be calculated at the point where an individual makes booking with Himsagor courier service and selects insurance coverage by declaring the type of goods and the value of the good. Customer will pay the premium at the time of booking with Himsagor courier service. Himsagor courier service will maintain an advance balance with Insurer to adjust premium for each booking. Himsagor courier service shall provide real-time information of each booking.

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